Card sat updating

I have previously used a Garmin which had lifetime map updates - and all that was necessary was to plug it into a laptop periodically and load the updates.

Clearly this is not quite so easy with an in-car system, so I was wondering how the maps get updated. Ford have clearly set themselves up a nice little cash cow here - my lifetime subscription to Garmin updates cost about £70!

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Can anyone tell me what procedure is used to update the Sony Sat Nav in the Focus?

While fresh sat nav data is essential to optimising routes and arrival times, many sat nav map updates include new features that further enhance your navigation experience.

VW buyers can opt for “Mapcare” subscription, and Seat owners on the continent can as well. Try shopping around dealers for a better price, but I don’t think it’s possible to do it yourself, even if you could get hold of a new SD card…

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