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You can read more about it in the article Special Jeweler’s Edition of the house Boucheron. You smell something and all of a sudden your brain pops up a memory that you didn't even remember you remembered!I like Boucheron, it's a nice smoky floral, over the top 80s oriental style.24 Faubourg, Reem Acra, and Roberto Cavalli edp immediately jumped to mind as orange blossom ladies I’ve already either loved and kept or liked and passed on.

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) Fast forward a year or so, and my second testing of Boucheron created a better understanding of the scent.Homme version much freshier and minty My first experience with Boucheron occurred on a joyful testing spree at Nordstrom about six years ago. It puzzled me, the beginning perfume explorer, even while simultaneously beguiling as well.(Word to the wise - the same thing happened to me with Knowing, Youth Dew, Chanel No 5, and countless other classics shortly after.The design of bottles was inspired by this house’s jewelry creations and they seem like a metamorphosis of a jewel into bottles.There are initials P and J (Parfums de Joaillier) on the bottles and are written in gold and silver colour.

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