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She finally broke down to her brother who came up with the punishment.The reason that I was in that hospital and why I had signed so many forms was that I was going to have a complete SRS.I tried with every ounce effort to get up to scream to do something !!!!!All I could do was mumble "Nooooo Pleeeeaaasssee Dooonn`t" She smiled at me and said "That` s what I said to myself every time you had one of your affairs"."Oh, and by the way you legally signed for this so you'll never have any recourse." "And don` t worry about all the bills they have all been prepaid out of the company` s funds.

She seemed very concerned but said I was in good hands and everything would turn out fine.We also didn't have to shave any adam`s apple because you never had the appearance of one, so that other than some vocal cord tightening, that nice smooth neck of yours is untouched.The doctors were also very pleased to see how very shapely and virtually muscle free you legs already were, and those size 8 feet will soon look so pretty with nice red toenails.And wait till you see your shapely round hips and that stunning , tight little heart shaped ass that you now have. Your cheekbones were already somewhat high but now they have been perfected.That fact that you always had such baby face skin with virtually not a beard hair on it allowed for skipping any skin peel process.

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