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Lack of cell and landline phone service could prove to be a bigger obstacle to demonstration organizers than the internet disruption.

Many of Egypt's impoverished citizens don't rely on the Web in their day-to-day lives anyway, said Parvez Sharma, a documentary filmmaker on Middle Eastern culture.

But social media sites have been used by key event organizers to reach other visible activists with Web access and to get the word back to other parts of the world.

Sharma, an active social media user, is encouraging them to leave notes on his Facebook wall because many friends were scared that posting to their own pages might catch the attention of the government, he said.

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Cellular telephone operators were told by authorities to suspend services in parts of Egypt, according to a statement from Vodafone, a global cell carrier that operates there.

Egypt's Web infrastructure is more sophisticated than Iran's, Labovitz said.

Still, Egypt's network only has about 10 companies controlling the key infrastructure that keeps the country connected, making a nationwide government-mandated cutoff feasible, he said.

They had begun to explode alongside street protests.

"We are aware of reports of disruption to service and have seen a drop in traffic from Egypt this morning," a Facebook spokeswoman said Thursday.

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