Chat with girls for sex by typing

(And hey, it's fun and feels good, too.) If you think you're the only one of your friends who has done it, you're probably not.

Here, 18 girls open up about how they do it, how often they do it, and all the complicated feelings (pleasure, empowerment, happiness, embarrassment) that go along with they brought up masturbation. Up until a few months ago, I was COMPLETELY embarrassed about masturbation.

There's so many good things that come from having an orgasm so why wouldn't you?

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I don't think of masturbating as a bad thing anymore." — Ada, 18 11. It was a really awkward and clumsy experience, and I felt guilty for doing it.Over the years, I've shifted from feeling guilty to feeling proud of my body." — Lacey, 1715."I usually use my hand, but sometimes when I'm really worked up I use a mini vibrator to amp things up."I started experimenting with masturbation last year.I was a little nervous about it, but when I attempted it, I felt a little pleasure and wasn't so turned off by the idea anymore.

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