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Stunning small estate in Snowdonia with staggering views.A jewel of a property, hidden in the Vale of Ffestiniog, with a manor house, 4 cottages and 100 acres of pasture and woodland, as well as a small lake and river.I would love to find i am looking for my birth mother i was born in Marlboro County hospital in may1960. My birth mother is not listed on my birth certificate. I was told you were named David Louis (last name unknown, however it could have been Koons, Burnip, or Myers and adopted, without my consent, through Catholic Charities by a physician and his wife. I just wish if I do have a family that has been searching for me, I also have been searching for so many years. if anyone has information please contact Looking for 2 half sisters born to birth father Steve J. Janie Elizabeth and Sabrina born to different mothers. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1967 at john Hopkins medical center. My brother (Jamie DOB:8/6/81) at the time and I (Angel DOB:9/6/83) where put into foster care we lived with Mr.&Mrs. Don't know anything about him , but I do know my mother was a freshman in college and wanted me to have a better life than what she could've given me at the time. Birth mother ISO son, born 5/21/1989 in N Chas SC at Trident Hospital. I think adopted mothers name is Diane and the baby may have been named Edward, maybe but not Baby was a son born May 21,1989 in N Chas @ Trident Hospital. I heard son was adopted by people in Bonneau, last name Hood. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear.I cannot get the info cause i had a closed adoption Don't have a father listed on my certificate original and i cannot get my birth moms info will be appreciated. I am looking for little girl born in Columbia, SC in Feb 1961. My mother stayed at the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School while pregnant. Your birth mother and I have been trying to locate you since the late 70s/early 80s without any luck. Grandparents might have worked for the railroad/sewing room. Just want to tell my family oneday I might find you and hope you are still around. my biological mother was or is allergic to silver jewelry and was very young. if any of this sounds familiar pleaseborn at Medical College Hospital in Charleston, SC 1-31-67. Melvin Poston in Dillon SC At ages 5 and 3 we where adopted and moved to Georgetown SC I was told we lived with my biological grandmother in Dillon SC before we where placed in foster care. She was single, had strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and so did her parents. If anyone has any information Please I am searching for my daughter born in Rock Hill, Augest 29,1988. I am hoping she has my feel for curiosity and is "searching" the web for me. I don't want to cause trouble just want to know how he is. My mother was young, and got pregnant by a married man.Your birth mother just passed away so I thought I should renew our effort. Just trying to find out more information about myself and any siblings. Doctor listed on Certificate Of Live Birth is James A Mc Cord M. Spouse was adopted about 5 months later through the Children's Bureau of SC. Female - Charleston searching for my birth mother.i was born march 5, 1967 and she gave me the name veronica lynn. I was also told my Birth mother and father willing signed over there rights. It is also belived my Birth father and grandfather still live in Dillon sc and work on cars. When I was born they called me "baby hannah" I don't know if that is known or not. - still looking for sister Shynekia 2-13-1992Looking for Estelle Wilson Benge (DOB) she is my biological mother. Also, looking for my half sister shynekia (DOB)2-13-1992 and my half brother Tommy (DOB)9-11-1993. I gave her the name of Sarah Elizabeth Leonhardt at birth. Please if you can let me know anything I would appreciate it. If you have any interest, please Looking for son I was forced to give up to adoption by my parents Baby was a son born July 19, 1963. If they read this please understand there are no hard feelings and thank you for brave decision. according to my non identifying papers my birth father was killed in vietnam in 1968. BM father killed in train accident when he was about 30 years old. I was told we have other sibilings too but not sure if they are alive. Rebeccaooking for my birth son he was born october 9 1990 I don't know much about the adopted family except they have another adopted son name birth son is named Travis and he is biracial. If anyone has any information Please my name is Brian Green i was born in Charleston SC ,i was adopted by Nora and Marty Green we lived in va beach va until i was 18 im looking for my mother or aunt.

A highly impressive detached four/five bedroom country residence with a range of outbuildings and surrounding land.

Our mother's separated us before could get contact info from one another. My father was some kin to the foster mother if I am not mistaken. If you are out there searching you need to know that you have two sisters now, and you are thought about every day from me and your two sisters who want to meet you very much. Mother trying to find son I'm now 48 and have been searching for my birth mom since I was 20. It makes it hard when records are sealed and you have a twin and not know where she is buried. Never have I ever hated my birth mom just wish I could find her. My Adopted family is now deceased along with my adopted brother. was told she went to nursing school after she had me. email me Not sure of actual day Born in Columbia, SC(Richalnd Memorial). I would also like to hear from others who may have been born in Greenville, that hospital or was adopted through Catholic Charities. BM was between age of 15-18 at time of birth."Baby Vincent" searching for BM or BF. Children's Bureau of Columbia SC handled male adoption. BF a student at a university in NC during pregnancy and birth. He was born in Charelston, SC and was adopted in spartanburg s.c. Please contact me if you think you have any info for me. Her birth name was Helen Elizabeth Fabriguze and was given up for adoption. My birthmother left me a embroidered picture that says: "for this child I prayed". You have a brother that would love to meet you I love you so much you never left my thoughts. Born in Greenville, SC and adopted by my parents from Gaffney, SC through Department of social services.

I am thinking maybe my twin sister was never told of the adoption, but still remembers meeting me. The attorney who represented the adoption was a complete jerk and he controlled everything about this adoption including keeping me doped up at the time of the signing of adoption papers. But he practiced family lawlooking for birth son born in Charleston SC on April 24, 1963. I think it stinks that the records are sealed but I can understand why. BM musically gifted and started college in Georgia after adoption. Baby Vincent loves his BM and BF and was raised in church per BM request. Greenville SC, M, birth mother Mary Katherine Ledford. Birth Mother Lived near Holmes Theological College in Greenville where my adoptive parents were attending and graduated. sometime between 1969 to 1972 to an older couple living in Converse,s.c. My birth mother is Linda Mahaffey in Simpsonville, SC same as Steve. Thanks Tami I am trying to find my birthmother and any family member that may be out there. I have other children who have shown interest in finding their oldest sister. I am interested in contacting my BM any information will be appreciated email I am searching for my birth mother and father or any other relitive. I want to let him know he has a brother (we have been reunited) and a sister ( raised by me). Birthmom looking for baby girl I named her Tiffany Faith but it was changed at birth you were born in charleston S. If it helps I stayed at the Florence Critti home for unwed mothers I was 16. I am looking for my biological mother as well father. I assume she was born in the early 1970's, I believe my mother said in May.

Birthmother stayed at a home for unwed mothers in Savannah, GA.

He was born in searching for my half brother, born Robert Bruce. I have reason to believe she was born in Charleston, or Florence, but exact location is unclear. Chester sc county hospital where my mother named me jimmie lou and left me there she was 31 at the time she was born 1939 had a twin sister my dad was 22 and he was born 1948 she had 7 other children before me a boy born 1958 and was adopted by his great grandparents a girl born 1959 -a girl born 1960- a boy born 1962- a boy born 1963-a boy born 1965-a girl born 1966 and i was born 1970 i think 6 of them were living with there father he got custody after him and my mother separation nov 1967 he was awarded custody in 1968 of the six she was with my father which he left her when he found out she was pregnant with me. Adoption handled by SC DSS which was finalized in 10/70. I was told my birth name was Amanda and I was born in Charleston. been told only that my birth name was Carol and bmom was about 19. He was born in Columbia SC on June 25,1978 at around 9 in the morning. You have three sisters, a niece, a nephew and another on the way. she also had an girl who was older, she got to keep her.

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