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A Violent Man Conquered by God André Trocmé was a Huguenot pastor in the French mountain village of Le Chambon when Germany invaded France in 1940.

As far as the war was concerned, Trocmé was a non-combatant pacifist.

So why, having achieved so much, did he feel so empty?

It wasn’t depression; his life was full and active.

So, with a semblance of open-mindedness that way, the rational scientist in him started getting curious.

His wife had introduced him to some people with Campus Crusade for Christ.And that’s what I want to do.”It’s not about scoring a win.It’s about exposing and choking off a predator that comes to kill.But when the Nazis demanded loyalty oaths and complicity with the deportation of Jews, he defied them openly. You’re not getting them,” stated an open letter to the Vichy minister dispatched to Le Chambon in 1942.A man who knew which war was worth dying for, he was often described as – a violent man conquered by God.

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