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There is a common and nonliteral sense of the word that is much like the terms Western world, known world or Free World. Connolly said, "There isn't enough power in all Christendom to make that airplane what we want!

", he was simply using a figure of speech, although it is true that during the Cold War, just as the totalitarianism of the Communist Bloc presented a contrast to the liberty of the Free World, the state atheism of the Communist Bloc contrasted with the religious freedom and the powerful religious institutions in North America and Western Europe.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like.

The classical heritage flourished throughout the Middle Ages in both the Byzantine Greek East and the Latin West.

In the Greek philosopher Plato's ideal state there are three major classes, which was representative of the idea of the “tripartite soul”, which is expressive of three functions or capacities of the human soul: “reason”, “the spirited element”, and “appetites” (or “passions”).

On Christmas Day 800 AD, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne resulting in the creation of another Christian king beside the Christian emperor in the Byzantine state.More detailed versions place Jerusalem at the center of the world. It may be divided into two distinct phases: the apostolic period, when the first apostles were alive and organizing the Church, and the post-apostolic period, when an early episcopal structure developed, whereby bishoprics were governed by bishops (overseers).The post-apostolic period concerns the time roughly after the death of the apostles when bishops emerged as overseers of urban Christian populations.The reason is the increasing fragmentation of Western Christianity at that time both theologically and politically."Christendom" as a geopolitical term is thus meaningful in the context of the Middle Ages, and arguably during the European wars of religion and the Ottoman wars in Europe.

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