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With us, you can expect a no-holds-barred approach to stories – basically, we tell it like it is.When something’s cool, we’re all about going nuts over it and hailing it as the next big thing.He's grown to over 650,000 followers on his asherdov account. Vea las últimas tiendas de campaña para hombres y mujeres con ropa casual de Lee.AP.9 is claiming he smashed her to smithereens but this time, he has proof! Hit the flip to peep the entire interview with the KMEL ladies and more photos of Co Co and AP.9.AP.9 tells KMEL radio that Coco already confessed to Ice T, and that he and Ice have already discussed the scandalous affair. But if it ain’t that great, you know we’ll be the first in line to give you the lowdown (safe to say, no PR speak here).

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Late last year, a few shady pictures surfaced of rapper Ice T’s wife Co Co getting her love in the club on with a random rapper by the name of AP.9.

Bali’s known for its natural beauty, but it’s got major environmental issues to deal with — especially with plastic waste, so it’s refreshing to see local independent businesses dedicated to sustainability and helping reduce our carbon...

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