Communicator contacts not updating

Depending on how you’ve sorted your contacts, different options appear in the menu.

For example, you can choose to show “friendly names” as opposed to email names or status details as opposed to only names.

If your company has enabled displaying contact pictures in the Contacts list, you can choose whether to show pictures, which determines how many contacts fit in the window.

(If you don’t show pictures, the choice is between name only, on one line, or name and details, on a second line.) Important: Depending on how you are viewing contacts (by group, status, or relationship), moving and copying functions differ.

When you create a group in Lync, it's called a contact group because it organizes your contacts in groups that are meaningful to you.

You can IM them, email them, and set up meetings with them. An Office 365 Group is a shared workspace for email, conversations, files, and calendar events where group members can collaborate and quickly get stuff done. See Find help about groups in Office 365 for more information.

Because the white space and non-mandatory characters are removed prior to the normalization rules, if your regex expression is specifically looking for a dash or other character that was removed, your normalization rule might fail.

Tip: Type the person’s full name (or most of it) in the search box, because if you type only a first name, especially a commonly used name, you’ll get several returns.

If your company has configured a limit on the number of people displayed, you’ll then need to refine and re-do your search if the contact you want wasn’t listed.

Depending on the privacy relationship that a contact has granted you, you can see his or her schedule, as well as a personal note.

The contact card also provides a point for connecting with the contact, including starting an instant messaging conversation, calling, scheduling a meeting, or sending an email.

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