Compaq 1245 updating to win98 se interracial dating in dallas texas

I would be inclined to use fdisk etc , rather than any of Compaq's utilities .From NT 3.51, this utility can delete extended NTFS, Lilo, and just about any other type of partition .Bob Yippy, yippy, after several days (I am both slow AND stupid, but I am persistent! Basically the only thing that worked, and it DID work, was to replace the NDIS. I have the same issue with my wireless adapter card on my Win98fe machine and would like to avoid a costly upgrade if possible.:confused: My system sees the card just fine, however the drivers are not there..NDIS. Thanks for the help : D Aaron, I got the Win XP NDIS.I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

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I did also try this without the Compaq utilities loaded but also a no go. Try installing on a stripped system, if it can be stripped... Only 2 PCI slots, one with modem and the other with NIC. I was wondering if Compaq had a proprietary version of Windows at the time. Had run well with Evergreen processor, 52 Mb memory, 1.6 Gb Seagate drive (set on cable select) and W95.Wiped drive, re-installed Compaq's required non-DOS partition and required Softpaqs, and tried to install Windows 98 SE.But if you use the restore disk it will automaticly make that setup partition for you.In other words , rayt333 is saying don't use the Restore disk .

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