The other parameters are all return variables and are described previously.


The contract extends the concession deal until 2046.

The RTVDAT2 TAA Tool provides a similar function, but is designed to be accessed directly from a HLL program.

RTVDAT2 has a call interface and returns a data structure which can be externally described in the program. For example, if you input the date 010609 (January 06, 2009) you can specify one or more parameters as return variables to receive the following formats (see the later discussion of ISO dates).

If a specific date is entered, job date format must be used (e.g. Because return variables exist, the command can only be used in a CL program. When the command is prompted for, the number in parenthesis next to the keyword prompt describes the length of the variable to be defined in the CL program.

The WEEKOFMTH parameter considers any day ending in 7 or less as the first week of the month, 14 or less as the second week of the month etc. The WEEKOFYEAR parameter counts 1 for the first week of the year regardless of what day of the week the year starts on.

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