Consolidating itunes library itunes 10

I have a ton of music on my computer that I ripped from my personal CD collection.It isn’t uncommon for some people to have a vast music/video collection spanning multiple volumes or external disks.

Likewise, you can ignore the description of how you can add music files to your library so they can be played in i Tunes without physically copying the music over to the i Tunes Music folder.

if you use i Tunes import in SSL, what i'd suggest doing is turning it off in SSL. if there are still files in SSL, make notes of where these files are are your drive and make sure i Tunes isn't also handling some of those files.

Question about i Tunes: How can I organize all my mp3 by artists & album?

if you use i Tunes exclusively to manage your tunes you won't have any problems because i Tunes takes care of where all the files are located when you use playlists and smart playlists.

you can prevent this from happening by knowing what files SSL is keeping track of and seeing if those files are in the locations you plan on importing.

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