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Your attorneys compliance with his obligations to you are regulated by State law.Thus, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have the opportunity to have a bankruptcy attorney represent only your interests and you are ensured that your attorney is fighting for your rights.Other types of debt consolidations only allow specific and very limited debts to be consolidated in the payment plan, and don't usually consolidate important debts, like your mortgage arrears, car payments, tax debt, and child support arrears.The one exception is where you make the risky move of re-financing your mortgage.Many debt consolidation programs are private entities..ones that are not scam operations....sponsored by and controlled by the creditors, and ...such....there are no mechanisms in place to protect you or to look out for your best interests.Protects Equity: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not require you to pledge any collateral in order to consolidate.Creditors that fail to comply with Bankruptcy law can be hauled in front of the Bankruptcy Court and punished.The other types of loan consolidations..the other hand..the power of law to dictate what the creditors are entitled to be paid.

Remember, banks do not assist anyone that owes outstanding taxes.

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The automatic stay is a Court Order issued immediately when you file bankruptcy.

It prohibits any further collection activity against you.

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