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Many other loans come with fixed interest rates, including auto loans, and student loans.Variable interest loans (also known as adjustable interest or floating rate loans) change from payment to payment.So before you take out a personal loan, you’ll want to make sure it’s the best option for you: Personal loans tend to offer a more streamlined lending experience than other types of loans.Borrowers and lenders agree on a fixed: In addition, borrowers can spend their money on anything they want.Lenders use interest to make money from a loan, and typically offer fixed or variable interest. Fixed interest rates are established at during the loan origination — when borrowers and lenders agree on terms.Fixed interest rates do not change over the course of the loan, and monthly payments will remain stable throughout the loan’s duration.More often than not, borrowers with the best credit scores earn the most favorable rates.Because there’s such a wealth of personal loan lenders, you could earn a lower interest rate than you would shopping around for a traditional auto loan or business loan.

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Personal loans are some of the most customizable loans available, and will often compete against other types of loans.

Personal loans tend to come in two types: secured and unsecured.

Secured loans are backed by a piece of the borrower’s property as collateral, typically a vehicle or house.

Some of the most common uses of a personal loan are: debt consolidation, home renovation, funding marriages, funding vacations, or many other big purchases.

Personal loans can also be used as an alternative to auto loans or student loans (though only if the personal loan offers more favorable terms).

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