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You get a discount of 20% on your second application and 35% on your third, in the long run you’ll save a lot of money.

To manage entry/exit inspections and quality controls all over China demands a lot of work and administration.

The following product segments can be obligated to have an AQSIQ certificate: Note! Be sure to collect the latest information before you start exporting any products.

And don’t forget: Even if the certificate isn’t mandatory for your products, it can still help you to diverge from competitors, giving you an edge.

The CIQ-offices have a vast network of laboratories (over 3000 to be more accurate) and make sure to secure the quality of products imported to China.

In addition to the CIQ offices, there are several hundreds of local offices and branches that operate close to harbors and airports to manage inspections and quality assurances.

You might end up in troublesome and costsome situations if you become aware of this too late.

For example: The Chinese customs can seize or demolish the goods if a certificate is required but missing.

FDA and local Chinese authorities have seen remarkable improvements in communications and cooperation since the establishment of the offices.The main purpose of the agreement is to establish a closer relationship between the entities, working more closely.Hence, they can work continously to enhance the quality of food and other imported products that are traded between the countries.The institute is governed under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and controls other major subsidiary bodies as well. The organization consists of 19 departments, 15 direct affiliates and 10 associations. ) people work within the organization, a number comparable with many companies listed on the Fortune 500 list.For your reference, I’ve listed some of the 19 departments that operates within AQSIQ below: The entities work with quality management and have major responsibilities for quality assurance of imported products as well.

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