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I didn’t want to kiss him, and the conversation felt stilted). I really liked hanging out with you but I don’t see a future for us. Do you reveal your anger or your sadness, either way exposing that you did indeed care for him or her?We discussed a potential third date – bowling – but a few days later I knew I had to call it off. I hope you understand.” Listen – that is not a fun text to write nor a fun text to receive. If you think it will make you feel better, or if you like having closure, I say go for it, because at this point you have nothing to lose…But at least it’s honest, and he knew exactly where he stood. Neither of us had to harbour any ill will or frantically check our phone a hundred times a day. I never thought that this person was going to be a serious boyfriend, but I did care about him. but know that in all likelihood the person won’t reply.He wrote back almost immediately saying he did understand, and it was nice to meet me, and he wished me all the best. *** The third time I was ghosted, the most recent time, I didn’t understand why I didn’t see it coming. I knew it had an expiration date, but I thought we’d end up as friends, or that it would at least end on a nice note. After weeks of silence (except when he asked me for tips about Instagram… I mean, if they don’t have the balls to tell you they want to end things, they probably won’t have the balls to say they’re sorry.

And yeah, that’s an awful feeling – that someone doesn’t even care about you enough to text you (or, shock of all horror, I still get bummed out when I’m ghosted – it’s easy to let it initially knock your self-esteem down a few notches – but as mentioned above, I’m also thankful for it, because it shows me what kind of person I was dealing with. Then…the texting petered out and I fell into the mad phone-checking cycle.

I had even run into him the day before – we live in the same neighbourhood – and he had introduced me to his friends and said he was excited to see me. If you spend quality time with someone, or make plans with someone, why not have the decency to text a few lines to say if it’s not working out?

I texted him on Sunday afternoon to confirm I’d be at the pub at 8, but he didn’t respond. Nearly every unattached friend I have – male or female – has told me that they’ve been ghosted at least once.

When someone ghosts you, they’re showing you exactly who they are.

They’re showing you that they are capable of acting quite selfish and inconsiderate… As one of my favourite people on the internet, Mark Manson, writes, if you’re in the grey zone, you’ve already lost.

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