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What’s interesting about Julianne, besides her varied background, is that she’s the only housewife on the cast.Season eight also brings with it a new villain: Dorinda’s boyfriend John.When Luann denied that she knew Ramona dated Tom when she chased after him, Ramona reached deep into the couch cushions and pulled out articles that Tom planted about him dating Ramona (that Luann showed Ramona in the first place).After Luann claimed momentary loss of memory, Ramona retorted that Luann mentioned the article when they went up to the Berkshires and Luann and Bethenny had that blow-out fight.There were lines of folks leaving the Paulo Szot show at Feinstein's/54 Below as lines of folks were coming in to see the Lu Ann de Lesseps show. At the show we attended, Bravo's Andy Cohen was given a microphone at his table, a waiter participated on stage, and The Countess sang, joked, and managed to "touch" everyone in the club.Known as The Countess on Bravo TV's hit series "Real Housewives of New York City" her nightclub act, with always different friends has become a must see at Broadway's Supper Club. It may be now named Feinstein's/54 Below but it certainly had all the excitement of the original Studio 54 at The Countess's show.Tensions between the couple are at an all-time high–which translates into friction with the rest of the ladies, and specifically Bethenny and Ramona.

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Reality Star: TV Show: [Optional] Do you think she can count on him to propose soon? Four million women on the isle of Manhattan, yet this guy has dated three women from the same reality show in the past year? Ramona went on four or five dates with Tom last year, unaware that he was also sleeping with Sonja at the time.

Countess Luann is not the only RHONY Housewife to have dated Tom.

At that point, she had only been dating him a couple of months, but called him “her soul mate.” Ramona: “What kind of man goes after three girlfriends? He’s screwing Sonja, he’s dating me, and he’s engaged to Luann?! Was there at least a change of bedding in between dates? Ramona said it was “common knowledge” that Luann regularly calls the media to report stories about herself, and that it was “desperate.” Bethenny did not attend the party, but did make a significant contribution at the end of the show, when she let a couple of the women know that she had some inside information about Tom that “would probably end the engagement.” Here is a summary of what Bethenny told them: He’s not really wealthy on his own. He only dates wealthy women and they pay for everything. [Two days ago] he was making out with a girl for over an hour at The Regency Hotel. Congratulations to Lisako for being first with the correct answer! “It’s with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce,” she tweeted.

Reality Star: Countess Luann de Lessups TV Show: was talking about yesterday! Sonja has been lovers with Tom for the past TEN YEARS and last slept with him in December. And yes, the whole thing with all of Tom’s girlfriends in one place was awkward. Bethenny will spill to Luann about her slimy soul mate in the next episode.

Within a couple of days of this blind item, Countess Luann di Lesseps announced her engagement to a businessman named Tom D’Agostino. Luann got engaged to Tom the same week we originally published this blind item. There was also a lot of squabbling over who was leaking information to the press about how Tom had been with several of the women on the show. It was Luann, who is over 50, has no job, no money, no story lines, and NEEDS DRAMA TO STAY ON THE SHOW. Luann will milk the drama on this through the entire season. Luann has filed for divorce from that awful, slimy guy she married just a few months ago. Lu Ann De Lesseps & Tom D’Agostino File For Divorce After just eight months, Lu Ann de Lesseps and her husband Tom D’Agostino have filed for divorce, the Real Housewives of New York star confirmed this afternoon.

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