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Leo x Nico slash Loki Odinson drowned one fateful winter in the year 1898. He almost forgot all about his mission by the mere thought of the boy. This is the first chapter, and any and all reviews are appreciated. Beck just didn't think Jade would be the one to catch the fever.

115 years later, Tony Stark owns the house the Borrson family abandoned after their son's death. Teacher call me perfect, bullies call me Gay Lord, and I call myself a mess. Pretty much it's Nico going to Hogwarts to hunt Horcruxes, and it takes place in The Oot P. Misaki looks to Saruhiko to teach her about sex since she refused to pay attention to the lesson in their class earlier. Jade returns from an outing with Cat a changed person. Bade with some competition from none other than - Justin Bieber. The 222nd Hunger Games were destined to be the beginning of something new. Nico is thrust into the world of vampires when a capture the flag game goes bad.

Scepter 4 and Homra meet someone knew, and that person is Mikoto's sister? Ever since being rescued, Yata finds his and Mikoto's relationship of Clansman and King growing into something more. Hermoine placed as head girl, an unknown head boy whos not present.

Mikotox Yata Reisix OCPercy and Anabeth broke up and percy is curious. The Triwizard Olympics takes place at the new year at Hogwarts.

Then things start to change, and secrets are revealed. Leah is very unhappy after BD, pretty much everyone gets a happy ending. Most of them unknowing of her mistake, the Cullens make it their job to protect her secret from the Volturi. High school AU - Percy has to change school for the umpteeth time.

So what will happen when Nico comes with his friends on a quest and they must work together? This time, to a boarding school full of rich, spoiled brats. He learns that when he joins the cheerleaders and falls in love with the quarterback, Nico di Angelo. She was taught never to trust a Vampire, never mind one called the God of War.

Will she finially get the love that she always wanted? Nico/Percy slash Nicercy - Sequel "Olympus High: Next Generation" is up! As her life takes her places she never planned on, can she find happiness with Jasper? As Ginny life comes to an end, can Leah find happiness with her imprint Severus Snape? Harry's 6th Year at Hogwarts isn't going as well as he'd like it to.

Leo and Nico don't really know anything about wizards.That should be that, but Tony's certain there is something odd about the house. Rated T for violence, swearing, and Nico di Angelo in general. Misaki ends up getting a little more than she bargained for after one night. They are being universally hunted for their actions, and face severe danger in the form of the Volturi. The arena was designed by a team of new Gamemakers with an array of new traps and muttations. When the Hunters pay a visit to Camp Half Blood, Thalia can't stop thinking about the boy she likes. He meets our favorite bloodsuckers, and what will happen when he falls in love with our the little pixie we all know and love. R&R please What if Percy, Thalia, and Nico were on the Tipton during the episode: The Ghost and Mr. And in a fit of mischief, decided to give the twins a little action?Voices in the night, movement in the corner of his eye, the sound of footsteps, the smell of cigarettes. Warnings: Genderbending of both characters, sexual content in later chapters. So if you do not like GL (girl's love), then do not read. The tributes were an explosive bunch; setting off a chains of events that no one could ever forget. Then a Capture the Flag game, the Stoll brothers, and a videocamera get involved. Don't own PJO or Twilig.-Adopted by Echo Uchiha When Thalia comes back into the lives of Annabeth, Percy, Rachel and Nico, things are pretty tense. Ladies and gentlemen, we know who caused the ghost phenomenon! To expect: one knocked up Hermione and furious Ron! Hermione discovers that her birth parents were pure-bloods.Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined. Percy, Nico and Luke are closing the deal to make the world a better place. However, Fushimi's feelings getting in the way starts to complicate things as they try to get it over with fast and quiet. What he doesn't know is this is just the calm before the storm. This is slash or boyxboy if you don't like it don't read it. I don't want to listen to your political views on the subject. The final battle took place in the seventh year at Hogwarts.A perfect Utopia where diseases don't exist and Peace is everywhere. Can Harry manage to trust Nico when he needs his help most, even if he doesn't want to accept the possibility of another life lost? Ex-Seventh year are invited back for eighth year to complete their NEWTs.

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