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Teen chat is awesome if you have nothing to do, I can sit at my computer for hours chatting to people. I can always come on here and get a laugh if I'm feeling down. i guess what im tryin to say is that theres so many awesome people out there. im in australia chat as brandybunch most the time if any one wants to chat ... I've only been coming on here for a little while but its great. I usually hang round in Australia chat under Cass so come and look me up!!! I come on here every night,and i always meet some new people on here to talk 2. i havent been coming here for long, but ive already met some unique n wonderful people here! ive been commin here for a couple years now and talked to tons of kool ppl and theres even ppl that live in your own town come on this site ...

It's the dirty secret many adults keep hidden only in their browser history.We are one of the fastest growing adult chat and dating networks.Thousands of people join our network everyday so there are always new people to flirt and swap erotic messages with.Instant & Private Messaging: You can private message (PM) or "whisper", anyone within the chat.A private message will pop-up on their screen, while a "whisper", will show up in the room text but only be displayed the person you target.

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