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Best of luck with your project, and I hope to hear from you about it soon! I will put questions and answers to the database as shown in the ER model (in attachment). Now that I have a DB (I hope I designed it right and semanticly correct), I will start the HTML and PHP scripting. Morton” (my Dad) died back in 2008, so please just call me Dave.The ‘personality’ table is connected to the ‘answers’ since I want my bot to be sometimes nice, sometimes grumpy ... It will be easier to have conversations inside specific topic. Unknown_questions table, I believe, is self explanatory. As I progress, I will post my code here, if it’s alright? Morton, would you be so kind to direct me to some topics about self-learning bot. Looking over your DB structure, I see little to complain about, though I’m far from being an expert.Given the size of modern storage devices, size is not really an issue anymore, though the type and the structure of storage media will have an impact on performance.There are a LOT of people who swear by the performance boost that a flat file DB has over a SQL-based one, but virutally all of those people mentioned using a Linux OS of some flavor or another.I’m sure, however, that someone else here may have some useful insights for you.

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My personal preference is to use My SQL for the DB, because administration of the contents of the DB is, by far, simpler and more efficient than with flat files.

Must I “train” it like this or is there a smarter, but still relatively simple way to train it? Simon Hi there, Simon, and welcome to!

2.) How “smart”, or how “human” do you want your bot to be?

The chatbot project that I’m currently working on is called Program O, and it has been around for a while now.

Making a chatbot completely from scratch is a pretty ambitious undertaking, and firmly falls under the category of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, meaning that it’s going to be a long term project. I’ve either written, or have helped write, a couple of chatbot engines already.

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