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In February 2008, HD quality was made available to motionmaker users.In October 2008, HD quality was made available to regular users.Richard said his company was in talks with other potential partners as well with a view to expanding Dailymotion's international appeal, but said discussions with others were more in relation to content.

Videos uploaded by users to Dailymotion used to be (until 2008, see below) converted to the VP6 format at a resolution of 320×240.

Audio on Dailymotion videos used to be encoded as MP3 at 96 kbit/s in stereo.

The partnership gave Dailymotion the financial backing it needed to upgrade its servers to handle High Definition video and showcase its motionmaker videos.

We need a follow up @THEMIKISHOW interviews at SDCC with @Chris_Reda of @Critical Ent LA so we can talk about his latest publications.

In March 2006, Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey founded the Dailymotion website from the living room of Poitrey's apartment in Paris.

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