Dating a guy with low self esteem

My husband called his clients “knuckleheads” and they liked it. Next he said to me, “Now I’m going to come home and you’re going to pour me a beer.” He was so appealing I poured that beer for him.

Case in point: After a video shoot with his lawyer clients, my husband told me how, when things didn’t seem very organized, he told the lead lawyer, “Let’s get all of these knuckleheads out of here so we can get these other shots done first.” The lawyer agreed and said to all the other lawyers, “All of you knuckleheads get out of here and we’re going to get some other shots done first.” Everyone filed out of the room.

As a person who deals with low self-esteem, I can tell you that remarks such as “You just need to have more confidence in your abilities!

They feel more like men and less like little boys whose mom does stuff for them.

When he sees that you, who know him so well, trust him to decide where to go, how to pay and what to wear on his own, that will go straight to reinforcing his self-esteem.

Sometimes a woman will get so fired up about using “Whatever you think” to show her husband she trusts his thinking that she misses the opportunity to let him know what she desires. But you can save the day by simply saying what you desire most. ” If he asks, “What did you think of me going to the store in the storm to get you Cocoa Puffs,” that is not the time to question his judgment or comment on the weather.

” It can’t hurt, but it could just help him walk a little taller knowing that you think he did something great.

Since a big source of self-esteem for your husband is knowing that he pleases his wife, consider being happy to see him whenever you do. ” Knowing that you are reliably available for physical intimacy is a big source of confidence for your husband.

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