Dating a pakistani muslim man

David’s family, while more open to the idea of interfaith relationships, was not too enthusiastic about Nadia’s Pakistani background.

When Nadia’s family forced her to move 600 miles to be closer to their new home, both of us had to struggle to see each other. His family has a difficult time accepting the intermixing of the religions as they feel that our children would be faced with adversity. Because she is first generation, her family believes in the values and traditions they grew up with.

We realized very early that our two backgrounds, probably the most diverse you could come up with–an Italian Jew and a Pakistani Muslim–made our viewpoints very different.In the early stages of our relationship, we faced a lot of negativity from close friends and relatives, but some very strong force kept our relationship together.By introducing each other to a new world of thought, we both became very open-minded.Dealing with the differences in religion and culture has been a gradual process for us.We have spent lots of time educating ourselves with information about each other’s religion and our own religion as well.

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