Dating a woman 15 years older

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Then factor in my amazing Asian genes and we are only 10 years apart. He is very much in love with the way my mind works. And it's very comforting to know that it's my inner beauty he loves the most. I am also a physically active woman, a non-smoker and I don't bake in the sun. Stop trying to generalize about age gap relationships. And even in a long term relationship between couples that are the same age, I frequently see that one partner is aging more rapidly than the other one.

I don't wear makeup, I keep my hair long, my fingernails short, and I prefer wearing t-shirts, blue jeans and sneakers.

At work, many of the guests think that I am a grad student.

All kidding aside, if you have these reservations about your situation so early in the romance, then stop dating this woman right now. Plus, on average, women in the US outlive men by seven years.

Let her go to find a man that will love her 100% and without any doubts. So in my case, that makes my age gap with my boyfriend only 16 years.

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