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They’ve developed their own fashion style and have their own unique personalities — Abby being the outgoing sister, and Brittany the more subdued.

Physical activities like running, biking, and swimming must be a joint team effort.

In the case of 25-year old Abigail “Abby” Hensel and Brittany Hensel, each twin fully controls her half of the body — one leg and one arm on either side.

They are symmetric conjoined twins with normal proportions.

Each twin has her own heart, stomach, spine, lungs, and spinal cord, but share a bladder, large intestine, liver, diaphragm, and reproductive organs.

Unlike Tatiana and Krista, their sense of touch is limited to their half of the body.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, 40 to 60 percent of conjoined twins are stillbirths, and another 35 percent only survive a day after they’re born.

Conjoined twins are born from the same egg which does not fully separate once it’s fertilized.

Despite the lack of scientific investigation on conjoined twins, medical knowledge continues to grow with each surgery, autopsy, and laboratory test.

The life of a conjoined twin is complex, extraordinary, and emblematic of public intrigue, driving experts to want to pry into the intimacy of their lives and ask the questions: How do they feel, think, write, run, and engage in sexual activity?

One in every 200,000 live births results in a set of conjoined twins, and their chances of survival are between just 5 and 25 percent.

Living life as a conjoined twin completely eliminates the possibility of true privacy.

Being physically attached to your sibling via the chest, hip, or head changes the type of bodily functions they share.

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