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[Tweet This] Just because our boys are getting older doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy playing with their dad.Playing sports, board games, video games, and just being silly are great bonding moments with your boys. They’ll make mistakes, sometimes the same mistakes, over and over again.You can judge how much you need to listen and guide the conversation versus how much you need to encourage the conversation.You want an ongoing dialogue with your sons so they feel comfortable talking to you about any subject at any time.

Some people might say, well, what does it matter who talks to who? This is advice taken from the infamous self-help book ‘The Rules’ and I believe that it works.

He recently pointed out a barely visible hair on his face.

He’s becoming more of his own person in the way he processes things intellectually and even emotionally, and he’s also trying to fit in with his peers.

There are many teaching opportunities in front of us each day.

As a homeschooling family, we’ve learned to become intentional, out of necessity, in using daily life experiences as teaching opportunities.

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