Dating advice for men the tao of badass

Thanks to the Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer, I understand myself better now. I took some time to look into the three secrets that we, women, supposedly or in my case, unknowingly, give to men.

I never really thought I was doing it until I went over the three secrets. He surely isn’t kidding when he says: “But when it comes to women, I am a complete badass and here’s why.

No matter how abrasive we are on the first few minutes meeting, it matters how the supposedly cool dude behaves.

If he’s as cool as he in the inside, then he has a tremendous chance of seeing us again.

I must say that Joshua really gives guys a clear cut view of how we, women, assess any guy.

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The Tao of Badass System Review - How to be a rockstar with women.

Have you actually purchased the system or are you just making assumptions?

In my unbiased review on Tao Of Badass Guide, you're going to find completely in-depth knowledge about Joshua dating system which will Here is an honest review about the Tao of Badass system by somebody who used it in real life and has really gone through the entire guide. Find out the INSANE TRUTH in my HONEST Tao of Badass Review!

The Congruence Test is the test that we, women, like to give guys that think they got it all. “A Congruence Test is something you’ll get more often if you’re pretending to cooler than you are.” How many times have I met a cool dude in the bar only to end up embarrassing him.

The reason for that is that we, women, look beyond the supposedly cool surface of a guy.

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