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Visitorship has grown 40% over the past five years, and tours regularly sell out.It’s easy to see why the Museum has become one of the fastest growing cultural institutions in the Empire State.“Our newest permanent exhibit is called , which is the Museum’s first to explore post-World War II immigration,” Jas said.“It tells the stories of three families; a Jewish refugee family, a Puerto Rican migrant family, and a Chinese immigrant family.Whether you’re on a weekend getaway to the Big Apple or planning a unique first date, the Tenement Museum provides an entertaining and enjoyable experience.“Our museum makes for a memorable date for couples with shared interests in history, immigration, or just storytelling,” said Jas.“Our walking tours, in particular, make for great dates — particularly features foods from the neighborhood while exploring the influence of immigrant culture on what Americans eat.It is a group tour that starts with a visit to 97 Orchard Street and continues with a sit-down tasting meal in the museum’s private dining room overlooking Delancey Street.

Take a look at this map about what life is really like as a single person in NYC – it’s singles organized by age and zip code. Note #2: This data is from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Table B12002. Men have a couple holdouts, with the blue chunk on the left and the one at the bottom.As the home of Ellis Island, the busiest US immigration inspection station from 1892 to 1954, New York City has long been a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities.For those who came to America fleeing religious and political persecution or simply looking to build a new life, Manhattan provided the landscape — and tenement buildings provided four walls to call home.It’s a great date idea to create long-lasting memories while learning a little bit, too.“We’re aiming to reshape the national narrative about immigration from one of fear and loathing to one of respect and appreciation,” said Jas.

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