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It does NOT denote when the whiskey was put in the bottle, as some suggest, but possibly when the bottle was made – or even when the mold for the bottle was made. Reach out and see if anyone at the company can tell you when it’s from.

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To aid beginning collectors and those interested in bottles I have developed a number of bottle time lines.

Most strips of this type were only produced for a few years at best, as manufacturers soon realized that most of their consumers had never dealt with any “refilled” bottles, as was so common to find prior to the 1940’s.

For nearly 100 Years the use of a Federal tax strip over the cap/cork of a bottle ensured that the bottle’s contents were genuine.

Does your dusty bottle of whskey have a UPC on the back?

They fully came into fashion around 1985, but began popping up in the late 70s and early 80s.

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