Dating an old flame again

But just a short while after he began his meditations…“Eh? He quickly opened his eyes and turned to look at the highest table, as though he could sense something was amiss.The light coming from that heartlamp was quickly dwindling away…Subhuti had come to view this disciple as he would his own son. It was as though it had never dimmed at all.“B-b-b-b-but…” Subhuti was completely stupefied.He knew that this disciple of his had worked many miracles in the past, and he had felt so certain that another miracle was in the making…“Ji Ning,” Subhuti murmured softly. He had never imagined that a heartlamp could be extinguished, then reignited!All of his truesoul fragments had completely dispersed, losing all cohesion. as though he was drifting within a world with no time, no space, and no color.The various ‘Void Everlasting’ techniques he had theorized in the past were not able to allow Ning’s truesoul to resist the call of the prime essences, but they had still strengthened Ning’s consciousness dramatically.Ning had been a fairly unremarkable disciple, one who Subhuti hadn’t spent too much effort on.

He had chosen to spend his last hour of life drinking wine and relaxing, releasing all of the tension that had built up over a thousand chaos cycles in one fell swoop.“Master.” Sad-faced children had appeared on the surfaces of all six Northbow swords.

However, he still wasn’t even close to being strong enough for his truesoul to resist the siren song of the prime essences of the Chaosverse.“Northbow.”Ning was seated next to a table, pouring himself a cup of wine.

Slowly, the ‘Void Everlasting’ technique began to take some effect, dramatically strengthening the power of his consciousness.

The remaining fragments of his truesoul were so weak that they could very well completely collapse as soon as Ning attempted to use this truesoul technique! but the call of the prime essences was simply too hard to resist. this final attempt caused the final shards of his truesoul, which had been just barely able to hold onto a basic framework, to finally and completely break apart! ”“So in the end, I still failed…” Ning opened his eyes, and a peaceful look was in them. every inch of him began to crumble apart and vanish away like sand blown away by the wind.

All the remaining fragments of his truesoul finally and truly broke apart in a complete and utter collapse.

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