Dating and authorship of the gospels

Dating John is a bit trickier because it doesn’t have as much of a link to the other Gospels (the Synoptics).

The silence of the fourth Gospel on the destruction of the temple is considered powerful evidence for a pre-70 date by some authors.Remember, Acts is a book of history concerning the Christians and the Jews. We add to this the fact that Acts does not include the accounts of "Nero's persecution of the Christians in A. This means that the gospel of Luke was written within 30 years of Jesus' death. The various dates most widely held as possible writing dates of the Gospel are between A. As far as dating the gospel goes, Luke was written before the book of Acts and Acts does not mention "Nero's persecution of the Christians in A. The fact that the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple is not recorded is very strong evidence that Acts was written before A. The early church unanimously held that the gospel of Matthew was the first written gospel and was penned by the apostle of the same name (Matt. Lately, the priority of Matthew as the first written gospel has come under suspicion with Mark being considered by many to be the first written gospel. The historian Papias mentions that the gospel of Matthew was originally in Aramaic or Hebrew and attributes the gospel to Matthew the apostle.5 This would mean that if Matthew did write in Aramaic originally, that he may have used Mark as a map, adding and clarifying certain events as he remembered them. The earliest quotation of Matthew is found in Ignatius who died around A. John suggests it was probably nearer to the end of that period than the beginning.“Some dates seems implausibly early.Probably the inference to be drawn from is that Peter had by his death glorified God when chapter 21 was composed.

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