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By comparison, that figure in Chicago is 49.7 percent, and in Los Angeles, 46.5 percent.She notes that protections against violent behavior like domestic abuse should expand to include broader definitions, particularly given the changing nature of relationships: From 1970 to 2009, the median age of first marriage for men rose from 22 to 28 years old, and for women increased from 20 to 25.As a result, an officer who responds to such a call must fill out a form that includes a narrative description of the event, as well as other additional information such as victim-offender relationship and behavior, regardless of whether an arrest occurs.Analyzing 31,206 of these forms from the year 2013, the researchers found that 82.1 percent of intimate partner violence incidents included current or former dating partners (44.3 percent and 37.8 percent, respectively).“Much of the intimate partner violence research has focused on lifetime experience, and that’s a reasonable place to start,” Sorenson says.“Once we have an overall picture in research, we begin to drill down in order to discern whether there are differences by considerations such as the type of relationship.” In 2011, Sorenson began collaborating with the Philadelphia Police Department to improve documentation of domestic violence in the city.“The federal policy focuses on people who are married, live together, or have a child in common.

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Nationally, more than half of intimate violence incidents are reported to police, with 54 percent involving current or former boyfriends or girlfriends.

Sorenson, professor of social policy in the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, the majority of such intimate partner violence—more than 80 percent of incidents in one study population—involve boyfriends and girlfriends.

What’s more, these partnerships result in the most physical violence.

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Dating violence is emotional, physical or mental abuse within the bounds of a romantic or potential relationship, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.

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