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This gaze plot shows that on a Google search-engine results page (SERP), the user did not look at all the first “result”, the advertisement.

(Each red dot represents an eye fixation from a single user; the lines connecting them represent fast eye movements, or saccades, during which the user can’t see anything.) Because desktop ads typically appear at the top of the page or in the right rail, web users sometimes ignore the content placed there.

Your ads will be displayed on several hundred other websites, in exchange for their ads on your site.

This will exchange visitors leaving your site for new visitors - increasing your traffic and sales.

To complete their tasks efficiently, people have learned to pay attention to elements that typically are helpful (e.g., navigation bars, search boxes, headlines) and ignore those which are usually void of information.

Ads are perhaps the most prominent member of this last category. Legitimate content elements that have certain ad-like characteristics are ignored, too.

Photo provided by: Anna Wesley Photo provided by: Anna Wesley Students in Carrie Foster’s AP Human Geography “speed date” while learning about their classmates’ assigned farming type.

In Carrie Foster’s AP Human Geography class, students complete a project that she calls Farmers Only Speed Dating on January 16th.

This behavior is a consequence of our limited attention capacities.Hundreds of other dating sites already use this system - with great success.* Him blushing whenever you kiss him in public * Making dirty jokes to watch him get all flustered * Brain Games marathons * Him not wanting you and Tony to hang out because you think it's cute when innuendos make him flustered, but Tony finds it as an opportunity to embarrass him * "Come look at this Punkin. " * Going to the drive-in * Playing in his hair when he's working * "Mom, that's Bruce's very personal business... " * Him pampering you 24/7 despite you telling him you don't need it * "You deserve it, Punkin." * Cookies. No special reason, except for that they're delicious * "I'm like a Hulk! I think I found something." * Getting surprised whenever he makes the first move * "Come on babe, you said you can turn whenever! I just wanna see if I can beat the Hulk in arm wrestling." * Reassuring him multiple times that you love the idea of adoption * Punching the idiots in the face, the ones that find it amusing to mess with him and try to make him turn * Telling your nieces and nephews stories about the Incredible Hulk and how great he is * Laughing at their excitement when they make the connection between that Bruce Banner and your Bruce Banner * Cuddling in fuzzy blankets * Kissing his palms as a calming mechanism * "Are you serious?

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