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A welcome break from the comedy club-hawking flyer guys of Greenwich Village, Dante was established in 1915, and after a century it snagged new owners, a co-owner with heavy cocktail cred (Naren Young), and a faded grandeur vibe that conjures its famous regulars—Patti Smith, Hemingway, Anaïs Nin—of yore.

There are aperitivi and Bellinis, obscure Amaro and bitters, and a “Negroni Sessions” menu for which its fans flip.

Brews are locally sourced and tasty, and the non-absinthe drinks shine, too.

This is the only place for a drink after watching the sun set from The High Line, and it’s a treasure for this part of town, where Irish dives are still the main go-to.

The little round marble bar and a whiff of New Orleanian dishabille catch your attention first.Try a sherry cobbler or a New York sour—classics for a reason—or inquire about a favorite. Although it’s been popping up on tourist guides with increasing frequency, The Rum House still feels cozy and welcoming—a proper respite from the madness of Times Square.Rum, rum, and more rum: You want a “daiquiri your way” (classic, dark, pineapple-tinged or Hemingway-esque) or an extravagantly coconutty riff on the Piña Colada called “The Escape.” For fun, look for obscure rums, such as the buttery Zafra Master’s Reserve.This Williamsburg standby is renowned for its cocktail program, oyster happy hour, and general Southern Gothic vibe.The light, which pours in, is made for Instagram, and you’ll see brunchers taking full advantage of it. There’s a whole separate menu devoted to absinthe cocktails, a real vintage drip in-house, and barkeeps who know what they’re doing with it all.

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