Dating celebrities

According to Raya, there aren’t any specific qualifi cations for applicants per se but the app’s site notes that they “rarely, if ever, consider an applicant who wasn’t referred by a current member”.The site was set up by Jesse Johnson, son of actor Don Johnson and the half-brother of actress Dakota Johnson, the star of Fifty Shades Of Grey.She says she can’t find, for example, “Jewish nerds who write for The Paris Review” – a literary magazine.“Why?Because Raya is like high school, where the hierarchy of popularity is superficial and undeserved,” she insists.His profile on the popular dating site, which allows users to match with potential partners in their area, shows Jamie larking around in the street.Another snap shows him holding two watermelons and laughing at the person behind the camera.If you see a match you like, you swipe right, if you are not so keen you swipe left.

Launched without fanfare in March 2015 Raya – which means “heaven” in Bulgarian – is said to have a waiting list running into the “hundreds of thousands”.

You can then chose pictures from your Facebook account to be included in your profile and you can also write a short bio about yourself.

The app then uses your location to scan for potential matches around you using your preferences on gender, age and how far away they are.

Raya, they insist, is based on something approaching mob mentality.

Writer Sarah Nicole, 31, believes that this means the site gets people hooked on making choices based on peer approval rather than just because they like the look of them.“On Raya you don’t have to be insecure about who you like because someone has already decided that they are good enough,” she says.“It removes the ‘embarrassing’ element of desire…

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