Dating east indian guy

They are asking me to abandon him just to be with (read: ) someone who shares my skin tone and maybe religion–both things that most people don’t really control, and, in my opinion, things that don’t guarantee happiness or compatibility any more than having the same shoe size.

The first author says, “I just wanted to be able to share my religious beliefs with someone because they were more than beliefs; they were my way of life.” Assuming this person will be Indian, she’s waiting for that one Indian guy that doesn’t get under her skin.

I’m even facebook friends with a few who, like me, spent years hiding their true interests of comic books, philosophy, K-pop, or what have you.

It’s only online, states apart from each other in real life, that we can connect over the things that define us more than any accident of birth.

And avoid the judgement we feel from other Indian people for not being Indian enough.

So why don’t I become friends with those people, or date those guys, my family asks, not realizing that they are asking something impossible: for me to abandon the non-Indian man who cares about me, who nurses me back to health when my chronic pain flares up, who encourages my unique interests (even if he doesn’t share them), and who loves Indian food more than I do.

Their desire to be with men 15-20 years their senior means they are looking for someone to take care of them both financially and personally.

Be cautious men, these women are looking for you to do it all over again and that means house and children.

But I’ve never felt a connection with any Indian guy (or girl) that is, based solely on our Indianness.

Many of these accusations come directly from family members who are unhappy with my decidedly non-Indian boyfriend.

The truth is, I’ve just never found an Indian person that I can connect with beyond us both having had the fortune of being born to parents who immigrated here from the same sub-continent (which happens to contain a billion-plus people).

Sure it will start with great sex and they will make you feel “alive” and young but proceed with caution.

When they tell you that they don’t want these things they are lying! Early 40’s with small children – although these women are closer to your age (not really) they are at a completely different stage.

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