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”), setting a strategy, allocating time in advance (and sticking to plans), using mistakes to improve, and taking incremental steps to get the results you want.Apply lessons from business: if you really want a change and a new relationship, make it work by taking small, manageable steps.As a single woman business owner myself, I was fascinated by this report ― in particular, the small table that examined marital status among genders and their propensity to become entrepreneurs.As I read on, I learned that more single, divorced and widowed women (but not married women) start businesses, compared to men, in their respective categories.:1.

It's also crucial when building a solid relationship. If the aim is a lasting romance, it’s best to harness entrepreneurial ruthlessness and only date someone who genuinely meets your criteria, right from the start.Being in law school and heading to Beijing this summer on a 13-hour flight, I had an opportunity to catch up on my reading.I packed a very large stack from my reading pile and a couple of hours into the plane ride, stumbled upon a very interesting report from The Kauffman Foundation on gender and entrepreneurship.It may also put you in their good books - as Steinberg argues, “if entrepreneurs can bring the same sense of curiosity, excitement, passion and energy that they bring to their business ventures to their love lives, they’ll make great dates. New book finds that more single, divorced and widowed women (but not married women) start businesses than men.

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