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A recent college grad living in rural Connecticut, they’d been subject to the swipe-and-ghost thing a few too many times.Then, this spring, Juniper submitted an ad to @_personals_, an Instagram for lesbian, queer, transgender, and non-binary people looking for love (and other stuff).

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Back in April, Buzz Feed published a piece chronicling the Instagram account’s rise and the relationships—including one marriage proposal—that had blossomed thanks to the site.

Unsurprisingly, Arizona and Juniper are one of the poster couples in the video for the Kickstarter Rakowski launched to fund her project.

If it reaches its ,000 goal by July 13, Rakowski will be able to turn the ads into a fully-functioning platform where users can upload their own posts, "like" ads from others, and message each other in hopes of finding a match."The timing is really good for a new thing," Rakowski says.

"They're so in love, it's crazy."This is, of course, exactly what Rakowski hoped would happen.

A fan of old-school, back-of-the-alt-weekly personals ads, she wanted to create a way for people to find each other through their phones without the frustrations of dating apps.

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