Dating myth

Their female friends and co-workers seem to be great love counsellors as well because 34% and 20% of male participants confessed that they rely on them when they need help with their love life. Only a 19% and 13% of single men respectively ask them for romantic advice.There are some minimal differences between single men and women when looking for dating guidance.

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I always find hilarious reading topics like “the perfect woman”, “how to seduce a man”, “10 naughty secrets”, ” 30 things to do to a naked man” , “how to land a date”, and so on…Most daters ended up tying the knot with their school sweethearts, and their relationships became an inspiration for many youngsters who dreamed about experiencing a similar love story: finding someone special with whom to[…] Things change. Time goes by, our societies change and with it new habits and new tendencies start to become more popular. If before the most romantic men would be defined by being a gentleman, buying flowers to their women, being brave and[…] Arugula your best ally to get in a romantic mood Arugula was a very popular aphrodisiac used in Roman times, associated with Priapus, known as a god for fertility.Arugula not only helps to clear the mind but it also helps to relax, digest, and to feel more energetic therefore[…] Dating habits have changed over the years, but even today there still are some grey areas about what are the right dating etiquettes to follow.The eternal debate about who should pay dinner on the first date is still today a controversy.In the dating universe, you can find plenty of relationship gurus and experts that help lonely hearts to find love by providing some dating advice and guidance.

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