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The case serial number does not indicate when the watch movement was produced which increases the possibility that the movement is older than the watch case.Nonetheless, the case number is a generally accepted method to roughly determine the age of a Rolex watch.From 2011, Rolex started to use a random numbering system, hence in years to go dating your Rolex watch will need to be established by either referring to the original warranty card, understanding the configuration of your particular example or referring directly to Rolex.To identify the date of your Rolex watch manufacture, refer to the following table.

Should you have any further questions relating to the age of your vintage or pre-owned Rolex watch or if you require further information on the watch with a view to service, trade, consign or sell.The case number is located between the lugs at PM, and on newer Rolex models starting in 2003 the serial number is located on the Rolex-Rolex-Rolex rehaut at the o'clock position.Rolex reached 999,999 in mid-1950's and began over starting with 100,000.Rolex frequently uses numbers and letters to identify model year, model number, bracelet type, as well as other production variables.Although not verified by Rolex, these numbers are fairly prevalent on the Internet.

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