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I mean, a first date is not the real world, it’s not the way people usually are most of the time.

If nothing else, both parties are usually a bit nervous and on their best behavior, so you don’t get to know the real them.

All it means is that we all make snap judgments on dates and inadvertently cut off people who have true potential.

As anyone who’s ever met through friends knows, sometimes HOW you meet is as much a determining factor as chemistry in terms of moving forward.

Your insight about “shooting stars” being temporary is a priceless one, and we’re going to get back to that shortly.

But as to whether women are more rational than you’re giving them credit for, the answer is yes.

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SO……You’re spot on when you recognize that first-date sparks don’t portend a future relationship.

Is it my imagination, or are women, generally speaking, much more likely than men to expect some sort of lightning or magic on a first date for them to consider going on a 2nd date?

I’m not talking about chemistry, which everyone wants, but some sort of overwhelming emotional response that causes “butterflies,” etc.

Nor would I have gotten to know a previous girlfriend in 2004 if we’d met on JDate.

Doesn’t mean they weren’t attractive or interesting.

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