Dating show skit

Since then, it's added newspapers, magazines, and more recently, Hollywood studios.(Mashable is a Discover partner.) Snapchat's requirements include vertical-only, short-form, and exclusive content, which can all sound quite intimidating to partners more commonly known for hour-long dramas made for TV.We can flex all of those different muscles," said Jermaine Spradley, executive editor of Bleacher Report."We wouldn’t to be on the platform if it didn’t make sense for business, but beyond that, more importantly, the audience on Snapchat neatly aligns with ours." Snapchat's recent redesign separated friends, the messaging component of the app, from Discover, the page of media partners and creators.

has been a hallmark of American sketch comedy for over 40 years.

"The linear [TV] folks tell us, 'Wow you guys have nailed it.' It's satisfying in just four and a half minutes." TV networks admiring and investing in Snapchat shows is exactly what Snap wants to hear.

Discover started out as a network with dozen media partners, mostly digital-first media outlets.

(And then, of course, there was Chadmas -- just as good, and it gave us the "Doink Doink.") Thanks be to Chad.

Episode date: November 4 New castmember Heidi Gardner was having somewhat of a quiet season until she hit the Weekend Update desk as Angel, "Every Boxer's Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever." Her self-explanatory character stole that week's show, earning big laughs by endlessly threatening to take her kids to her sister's house -- and encouraging Colin Jost to take note in increasingly not-so-subtle ways. Episode date: March 4 Whether impersonating politicians or celebs, MVP Kate Mc Kinnon has been damn near perfect this year.

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