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Furthermore, he was gifted with an affinity with technology, and able to debate the finer points of the most esoteric arts with the highest placed Adepts of the Mechanicum.The Iron Warriors received cross training on Mars, further refining the specialisation, until only the Imperial Fists of Rogal Dorn could equal their expertise.Whatever the truth, events came to a head when, following the death of the Tyrant of Lochos, the people of Olympia rebelled against the rule of the Iron Warriors.Perturabo's anger was fnally unleashed, and upon his return to his homeworld, the Primarch enacted such fearsome vengeance that countless innocents were slaughtered and entire cities burned.In the campaigns that followed, the Iron Warriors proved themselves amongst the most able siege troops in the Emperor's armies.

The Iron Warriors were the Emperor's finest siege troops and their Primarch, Perturabo, was the equal of Rogal Dorn in the arts of fortifcation and strategy.As the tragic outbreak of the Horus Heresy grew closer, it appears that Perturabo was put under ever increasing pressure, and as a result the fires of his bitterness were stoked to a raging inferno.Some have postulated that it was the Warmaster Horus himself who, time after time, engineered events and adjusted deployments to the Primarch's detriment.To make matters worse, the Iron Warriors came to be utilised as garrison troops, small forces detached from the Legion and tasked with guarding the worlds they had worked so hard to bring to Compliance.While other Primarchs refused point-blank to see their Legions used in such a way, Perturabo acceded, though with ever-poorer grace.

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