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We spoke and he seemed happy to see and speak to me.He seemed genuinely interested in my life and if I was happy. He stopped contacting me when he wasn’t getting what he wanted. After about a year I text him and we started talking again. After that sex became a regular thing a couple times a month. Then it stopped being so regular and every time I thought it was over he’d come back and I would give in and see him. My feelings for him were so strong I wasn’t interested in anyone else. I was attracted to him, but resisted because of his age. And you’ll see they are not that perfect as your selective memory suggests. If you still think they are the best thing that has ever happened to you, and you’ll never find someone who can match them, you can do another reality check – make a list of all the things you didn’t like, you argued about, things that made you feel uncomfortable, their words, opinions and behaviours that hurt you. Once you see it on paper it might be easier to see why you didn’t work out. You couldn’t think about anything else but him/her. Oh yes, I think we’ve all been there at least once. well, multiple times 🙂 When you are in that situation you tend to have tunnel vision – you can’t imagine simply moving on with your life. Oh no, you think – he doesn’t see how great we can be together. She’ll fall for me if only I get another chance to explain it to her. And if you were meant to be together, you would absolutely be together. If you have them in your mind as this flawless person who never did anything wrong, it’s no wonder you can’t find someone who’ll compare. Make your life fun and fulfilled again, just do things that make you happy, with people who make you happy.

And let me know how things have developed right here in the comment section.

I am very happy with my boyfriend, but I can’t stop thinking about the other guy, I don’t think I ever really got over him. I know he was no good for me but there’s a part of me that just can’t forget him.

Please think about why you are still into the guy who treated you badly, didn’t care for you and only wanted sex.

Here are some hints: Dating doesn’t have to turn your nerves upside down.

Learn to manage your stress and make it work for you.

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