Dating someone your floor college

If you are 14 and your BF is 23, then that is weird, but that's because you don't have your driver's license yet and your BF can rent a car on his own.The same goes for your relationship: Keeping them young is fun, but not the main goal of your relationship Part of the reason your S.

Entering the scholarship giveaway is easy and winning is even easier.

If he seems great, get to know him, and maybe try to pursue things next semester. It's ideal, since you can visit your family during the weekend, and also prevent a lot of random "mom and dad stopped by unannounced, since they miss their baby girl! When you first start college, it's tempting to surround yourself by the familiar when you get a chance. The weekends are the perfect time to adjust to your new surroundings.

They're great for checking out all of the resources your college offers, and perhaps find hidden gems that you didn't uncover during your initial college tour.

If you go into the college dating pool with some advice, you're less likely to get hurt.

Here are a few examples of the guys you probably won't want to get serious with. Sure, it might be convenient to live a floor or two apart, but if it's not a match made in heaven, little things like doing your laundry will suddenly become a nerve-wracking task. (Pro tip: Just don't use bleach.) Also, if you see him bring another girl to the dorm, your jealousy meter might go off the charts. Speaking of booze, many freshmen seem to find an upperclassman who'll buy them a bottle of alcohol, no questions asked.

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