Dating spode pottery

The most popular version of the pattern had pattern number S518 and was introduced in 1933.

The pattern was printed in brown and then hand coloured.

One of these was with the firm of Angus Watson in 1937.

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having previously been attributed to Hürten - click Spode and Charles Ferdinand Hürten for more about him. This one depicts ice hockey - note the hats and suits. The registered version of the design shows a design with a trellis border and a scene depicting a girl giving a drink to a boy.Although documents concerning the original project no longer exist it seems they had two different promotions each one offering the same object but with a different scene. Many, many of these plates were produced and are often seen today.The object offered was a plate with a raised cross in the centre described as a 'sandwich dish' and the scenes used were described as Series 1 and Series 2. The newspaper cutting shows the advert for the promotion and you can see the plate with the addition of a metal handle with integral fork - neither of which are usually in evidence when plates from this promotion are seen today.The background to the pattern was Shagreen also known as Broth. The pattern was introduced in about 1838 and the Copeland & Garrett mark on this piece used until 1847. Other well-known printed designs such as Italian, Tower and Lange Lijsen first introduced in the early 1800s have their own sheet patterns for handles and knobs which in turn were later used for designs in their own right.In a catalogue of 1911 it is illustrated and described as a Chintz pattern along with another chintz style pattern. (Fig 5) Here is a list of more sheet patterns (with approximate date of introduction where known): Angus sheet, Bug, Currants Kendal sheet, Moss Sprigs, Parrot, Star sheet: 19th century Bachelors Button: 1932 Cracked Ice and Prunus, Marble (Mosaic): 1821 Daisy & Bead, Grapes : 1820 Daisy, Leaf : 1800 Fallen Leaves: 1919 Fibre sheet, Parsley sheet, Peacock and Parsley, Shagreen (Broth) Thyme sheet (2 versions), Valencia (Vine sheet), Vermicelli: pre-1833 Gingham (or Plaid): mid-19th century George III (Raleigh): 1920 Honeywall, Rose & Lilac : not known King sheet: 1826 (pattern B173) Lyre: 1800 - 1805 Morning Glory: 1930 Patricia: 1931 Rosebud Chintz:1928 Strawberry Sheet (B305): 1831 New Strawberry: 1919 (used by 'artist in residence' at Spode, Charlotte Hodes, in December 2000) Sunflower: 1813 Tumbledown Dick:1823 (see the T page on this blog) Union sheet: 19th century (also known as Rose, Shamrock and Thistle or Pink chintz) Wildflower/Primula /Primular:1898 (the background in Angus sheet) Later engraved to include the pattern in the sheet background all-in-one Wild Rose sheet: early 20th century (seen as pattern 2/6997 of c1917) With grateful thanks to the late Robert Copeland for teaching me about ackey! You can find out more about Josiah Spode I and see images on my blogs Happy Birthday Mr Spode I, Josiah Spode I and Thomas Whieldon in 1749, and Happy Birthday to Josiah Spode I.

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