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Workers gathered for Conferences, Retreats and Training Weeks and the first Correspondence Training Course were introduced.

Camps were organised for younger Members, the Readers’ Union introduced a Certificate of English and the Migration Department assisted hundreds of members with their travels abroad.

Cut off from the support of friends and family, Mrs Townsend’s idea was for ‘Lady Associates’ to befriend and guide these girls, who would form the Society’s members.

Today, we would probably call these Associates ‘mentors’.

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The League of Skilled Housecraft, in conjunction with the Board of Education and London County Council, also introduced a Youth Wartime Section to provide housecraft training for 16-18-year-old girls.The Society’s Golden Jubilee in 1925 was celebrated, amongst other activities, with a pageant, The Quest, performed in the Albert Hall by six hundred Members and attended by Queen Mary and Princess Mary.By 1925, the Society had 66 Homes and Hostels in England and Wales.In 1921, the Society acquired Argyll House, a hostel originally established by the Deptford Council for Youth.It took in homeless girls and women and those escaping domestic violence.

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