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You can change the date system by doing the following: You can encounter problems when you copy and paste dates or when you create external references between workbooks based on the two different date systems.

Dates can appear four years and one day earlier or later than the date that you expect.

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Important: Because the rules that govern the way that any calculation program interprets dates are complex, you should be as specific as possible about dates whenever you enter them.

This will produce the highest level of accuracy in your date calculations.

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For example, if you copy the date July 5, 2007 from a workbook that uses the 1900 date system and then paste the date into a workbook that uses the 1904 date system, the date appears as July 6, 2011, which is 1,462 days later.The following table shows the first date and the last date for each date system and the serial value associated with each date.Because the two date systems use different starting days, the same date is represented by different serial values in each date system.You can start your business with any software on the market but if you want to start with the best - use ABK's experience and dedication. You often ask questions such as: when was a product purchased, how long will a task in a project take, or what is the average revenue for a fiscal quarter?

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