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On the obverse, these coins have an inner square with the date in it.

The reverse of the coins display eight auspicious symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism, which surround a lotus in the inner circle.

The two sides of the coin have the same orientation.

Starting from the top, the legend in Tibetan on the reverse says: dga'-ldan pho-brang-phyod-las-rnam-rgyal (The Palace of Ga-den is victorious in all directions).

The first tangkas were struck in Nepal from about 1640.

Its operations were suspended two years later but it re-opened in about 1836.

The legend is written in such a way as to fit into eight circles.

These are actually derived from an earlier style in which the characters were inside lotus petals.

Tangkas for general circulation were only struck in the 58th year of Qian Long.

In the following years of this era and in the Jia Qing and Dao Guang eras only silver shos weighing about 3.7 g were struck.

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